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Conservatory Roofs, Swansea

Replace Your Conservatory Roof in Swansea

Is your conservatory struggling to hold any heat? Is the roof leaking and in need of repairs? Here at A-Rated Windows, we offer a replacement conservatory roof system to improve thermal performance and aesthetics.

There is no need to demolish and rebuild a conservatory that has perfectly good frames and foundations but is lacking a decent roof. We provide Guardian Warm Roofs, a modern design that improves energy efficiency, keeps your conservatory warm and beautifully blends with your home.

These conservatory roofs will be installed quickly due to their lightweight and beautiful design with a range of different colour and tiling options to really make your roof individual to your Swansea property.

Due to their incredible thermal performance, you will be able to use your glass extension as anything you wish it to be. If you work from home, maybe you could benefit from a comfortable and bright new office. Maybe your kids could use a new playroom or maybe you’re just looking to extend your kitchen. Whatever the purpose, let A-Rated Home Improvements be your conservatory roof installer.

We install these wonderful home improvements for homeowners across Swansea and the surrounding areas. Get in contact today to discuss your ideas and designs for your replacement conservatory roof.

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Long Lasting Performance From Guardian Warm Roofs

These replacement conservatory roofs highlight how the industry has evolved over the years. Polycarbonate roofs were the go-to for glass extensions but have slowly become less and less wide spread.

This is because homeowners are looking for thermal efficiency. It is important to the people of Swansea that conservatories are energy efficient and help to lower energy bills. Our conservatory roofs are incredibly thermally efficient – keeping your heating in, saving you money and even working to reduce your carbon footprint.

Achieve Great U-Values With A-Rated Home Improvements

Our conservatory roofs boast great U-values that go to as low as 0.18! The lower your U-values the greater the comfort for your home. With a Guardian Warm Roof, you can rest assured that your conservatory can be used all year round, for any purpose that you desire.

Gone are the days when your conservatory would be like a greenhouse in the summer and far too cold to bare in the winter. When purchasing a replacement conservatory roof from us, you’re buying quality and comfort for you and your family.

The Perfect Choice in Swansea

A common concern when looking for a replacement conservatory roof is that it will not fit on to the existing structure or blend well with your home’s aesthetics. With Guardian Warm Roofs, you can rest assured knowing that you have control over colour options and knowing that your conservatory roof will be compatible with your Swansea property.

These installations will work well with all building shapes and can replace roofs on any type of conservatory whether it is Edwardian, Victorian, lean-to or even P-shaped structures. For more information, get in touch today.

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